Deadline: 7 September | The Youth Time International Movement is officially inviting journalists and young media enthusiasts to apply for the Youth Global Forum, which will take place in Paris, France, from 2-6 December 2018.

Who can apply for fellowships?

Storytellers, bloggers/vloggers, digital media activists, online freelance reporters and anyone who works as a journalist in the media industryfrom around the world.

What are the main criteria?

Everyone who is applying for the fellowship must accept a commitment to produce at least two media pieces both before and after the forum.They must also possessfluent English communication skills, both written and verbal.

Additional criteria for journalists:

  • Current employment in national or international media (newspaper, magazine, news agency, TV, radio, or news portal);
  • Efficiency, a track record of toleranceand cultural sensitivity, and a readiness for new experiences.

Journalists will be asked to provide the following:

  • Filled in online application form
  • Examples of previous works
  • A letter of support from an editor or newsroom manager endorsing the journalist’s participation in the program and support for publishing, posting and/or broadcasting the journalist’s coverage of the conference.

Additional criteria for the freelance media enthusiasts:

  • To have active and regularly updated Social Media account or blogging platform;
  • Significant experience in creating multimedia content and deep understanding of what makesa good online story;
  • Efficiency, a track record of tolerance, and a readiness for new experiences.

Freelance media enthusiasts will be asked to provide the following:

  • Filled in online application form;
  • Link on the social media or blog platform account.

Selection for the fellowships will be based on the professional qualifications, relevant experience such as demonstrated interest in the topic of the forum and level of input in promotion of application call for participants before the event.

More information is available here