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Author: Olga Komarova | 24. June 2019

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) has recently launched the second season of its podcast The Backstory: A Media Freedom Podcast.  The second season will be entirely devoted to examining in-depth the  many facets of the conversation around the safety of journalists. With the help of Elisabet Cantenys (ACOS) and Javier Garza (IMS), who act as the editorial oversite board, The Backstory attempts to raise some of the fundamental aspects of the safety conversation to its global listeners.

This month’s episode, titled “Managing safety: What editors can do to keep journalists safe”, includes discussion from the following editors and safety trainers:

  • Cilla Benko, Director General, Radio Sweden
  • Luisa Fernanda Isaza, coordinator for the defence and support of journalists, FLIP, Colombia’s press freedom foundation
  • Eliot Stempf, Head of High Risk, Buzzfeednews
  • Elisabet Cantenys, Executive Director, ACOS Alliance

The first episode of season two can be found here.

Additionally, WAN-IFRA’s Colette Davidson has written an article titled Finding the balance – when is reporting from a danger zone worth it? The article examines how journalists balance the importance of seeking the truth – wherever that might take them – with ensuring their personal safety, while also asking how editors can support them. The full accompanying article is available here.


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