The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) have launched the 2019 edition of their annual World Press Trends report. The report has been published annually since 1989, highlighting the regularly fluctuating trends affecting news publishers internationally. A full database of previous years’ reports is available in this database developed by WAN-IFRA.

2019’s report has outlined a significant balancing act faced by news publishers who are attempting to cope with the increasing pressure being placed on their business models in the digital age. Despite this pressure, there is an ever-increasing demand for high-quality news content, illustrated in the growth of paying audiences. This places news media in a precarious situation, trying to withstand the pressure placed on their newsrooms while dealing with the ever-present need to provide more high quality news content to increasingly large audiences.

As well as this, the report explores the current state of subscription models for news media, the power of independent press, the consistent financial importance of printed news content, and the role played by tech giants in news dissemination.

The full World Press Trends report, along with a summary of the its key findings, can be found here.