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Threats to media sustainability and freedom of expression in the digital era

Author: Olga Komarova | 10. March 2020

This article was originally posted on the GNI Medium page as part of their series on freedom of expression in the digital era reflecting on the this year’s World Press Freedom Day.

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing economic fallout, journalism and news media have never been more vulnerable. For them to thrive, it is essential to strengthen democratic governance and safeguard an environment that is conducive to producing high-quality, fact-based information. To foster independent and pluralistic media ecosystems that counter disinformation, local and independent journalism and news media sustainability must be a priority. This means that we have to fight for our information ecosystems and for public-interest media. Our advocacy via the DC-Sustainability and GFMD’s larger network and programs allows us to amplify journalism and news media voice within digital policy spaces while shaping policy agendas to prioritize the current threats. On this upcoming World Press Freedom Day, we mark the anniversary of an ongoing struggle to preserve everyone’s right to access information, protect the individuals on the front lines who work tirelessly to help keep the public informed, and celebrate one of the bedrocks of our democracies: free, independent, and pluralistic media.

-Mira Milosevic and Michael J. Oghia


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