On Thursday, November 14th, Anna Rohleder, Head of Communications at Sourcefabric will host the third webinar of GFMD’s member-only series. This particular installment focuses on the potential role of web-based technologies in overcoming the negative effects of censorship in the Balkans, as will be illustrated through Sourcefabric’s first-hand experience of the issue.

Sourcefabric is Europe’s largest developer of open source tools for news media. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Sourcefabric z.ú. brings together minds from all corners of the globe to promote media development through the creation of open source software. All of Sourcefabric’s tools are open source and free to download.

Anna Rohleder has spent her career between journalism and the tech industry. She was a staff writer at in New York, reported on sustainability and the food system as a freelancer, and worked as a marketing manager for IRIN, a humanitarian news organisation based in Geneva. Her roles in tech companies have included being an analyst and editor at Gartner Research, and working in marketing communications at Opera Software in Oslo, Norway the maker of the Opera internet browser. In her current role as head of communications at Sourcefabric, she combines both sides of her background to explain how open-source tools can benefit independent news organisations around the world.

The webinar will take place at 15:00 CET on November 14th and GFMD members can register here.