The Balkan Investigative Reporting NetworkCommission for International Justice and Accountability and the Foundation Propulsion Fund are encouraging journalists, researchers, and writers from across Europe to apply for the second Resonant Voices Fellowship programme.

What does the future of the European Union and of European identity look like? What do the proponents of both open and closed societies and borders within the EU want and what tactics do they use to promote their vision? What role do propaganda and disinformation campaigns play in the radicalisation and polarisation of our societies and who is most susceptible?

The Resonant Voices Fellows map evolving radicalising influences eroding the fabric of our societies and undermining our values. They expose and challenge extremist messaging targeting vulnerable audiences in the European Union, particularly online. Their work also contributes to developing communication strategies and targeted outreach as a means to combat these threats.

It offers fellowships consisting of 3,000-euro bursaries and mentoring to explore related difficult questions at the intersection of identity, migration, democracy, human rights, radicalisation, and violent extremism.

To apply, send the completed application form, resume (CV), and signed declaration of the applicant to with the subject “Resonant Voices Fellowship” by 23.59 on November 25, 2019.

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