Deadline: Ongoing | The Ethical Journalism Network’s supporter, the Photography Ethics Centre has created a free online course, The Photographer’s Ethical Toolkit, in partnership with Thomson Foundation. The course is led by the Photography Ethics Centre’s founder Savannah Dodd with experts including the Chairman of Camerapix, Salim Amin, who is an EJN board member.

Course Overview 

This course is facilitated by Savannah Dodd, founder and director of the Photography Ethics Centre. It is designed to introduce basic principles in photography ethics. It is a primer course that is applicable to anyone who regularly takes or shares photographs.

  • Section 1 provides an overview of the course and introduces the course trainer and media experts.
  • Section 2 discusses photography ethics and introduces three key ethical principles in photography: Empathy, Autonomy, and Integrity.
  • Section 3 explores how empathy can be applied in photography.
  • Section 4 explores the principle of autonomy in photography, and discusses how you can handle consent in different situations.
  • Section 5 explores the importance of acting with integrity toward the audience.
  • Section 6 summarises the key points covered in the course and lists some takeaway questions to consider in your photography practice.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Apply empathy, autonomy, and integrity to your photography practice.
  • Understand the considerations that impact ethical decision-making in photography.
  • Engage with important ethical discussions that are taking place within photography.

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