Key Information

  • Eligibility:
    • Applications for the Professional Placement Fellowship must be sent by a media professional working for a minority-language media organisation in the EU or the UK. The fellowship is open to all members of the media organisation, including journalists, editors, photojournalists, newsroom managers, social media managers, community managers or staff focused on digital innovation. Freelancer journalists who are regular contributors to a minority-language media organisation are also eligible.
    • The Fellowship is open to journalists and media organisations working on all platforms, including print, broadcast, online media and multi-platform story-telling.
    • Minority-language journalists are eligible for the fellowship if their media outlet is based in the EU and produces its content in a regional or minority language (including migrant languages and Roma languages)
  • Funding amount: up to €6,000
  • Category: Fellowship 
  • Target countries:CEI Member States
  • Application language: English

The NewsSpectrum Professional Placement Fellowship supports short-term work/experience placements or study visits by minority-language media professionals at majority-language media.

The Fellowships are designed to be flexible in nature and can support skills development of minority-language media and knowledge exchange on various aspects of the newsroom, including reporting skills as well as expertise in digital transition, audience engagement, community building and monetisation.

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