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World Association Of Christian Communication (WACC)

Region: North America

WACC is a non-governmental organisation that builds on communication rights to promote social justice. WACC believes that everyone has the right to communicate and to be in communication, in the same way that they have the right to food, shelter, and security.

WACC helps to build the capacity of grassroots organizations in the South working to advance communication rights and positive social change, working with local partners in approximately 30 countries each year. Through its publications and public engagement, WACC also interprets developments in global communications and works for greater social progress and justice, especially in the South. It also works towards gender equality, notably through its Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP).

WACC has institutional and individual members throughout the world. Members are organised in eight Regional Associations consisting of WACC Africa, WACC Asia, WACC Caribbean, WACC Europe, WACC Latin America, WACC Middle East, WACC North America and WACC Pacific.

WACC also runs the Centre for Communication Rights, an action-oriented research centre working on global communication rights issues.

Country registered in: Canada

  • North America
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Topical


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