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Wattan Media Network

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Wattan Media Network (Wattan) is an award-winning independent media organisation headquartered in Ramallah, Palestine. Comprising Wattan Media Network (Wattan TV, Wattan FM, and Wattan News Agency), Wattan Institute for Media Research and Future Studies, Wattan Academy, Wattan Design, Branding and Digital Marketing, Wattan Production, and Wattan Consultancy for Institutional Development, Wattan has been a vital voice for Palestinian citizens, civil society, marginalised communities, women, and youth for the past 27 years.

Renowned for its professionalism and impartiality in a polarised media landscape, Wattan is trusted to highlight the concerns of marginalised groups, advocating for their social, economic, and political rights. The team in the West Bank and Gaza delivers extensive reporting on public interest issues, including sensitive topics such as public sector corruption, providing coverage often overlooked by mainstream Palestinian media. Wattan’s website, ranking as the top website in Palestine, attracts 15.5 million visitors monthly. With a main office and studios in Ramallah and branches in Hebron and Gaza, Wattan continues to make a significant impact on Palestinian media.

Country registered in: Palestine

  • Middle East and North Africa
Member type:
  • Affiliate


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