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University Of Georgia

Region: Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia

The University of Georgia (UG) is the largest private university in the country, with more than 6000 local and international students. The University has accredited programs on three levels of higher education (Bachelor, Master, and PhD) in Georgian and English languages. UG is distinguished by the disciplined educational process and modern infrastructure, enabling its students to acquire quality education and practical skills.  For this reason the University is in leading ranks of the regional educational institutions and is well-known to be dedicated to professional and personal growth of every student.

The University of Georgia is engaged in the process of knowledge production and person’s education. Here we imply the cultivation of liberal-humane values among people and their provision with the necessary knowledge and skills requisite to success by means of honest labor. All these we do by developing competence centers and platforms ensuring creation and implementation of academic programs tailored to the student and market’s needs. While doing our business, being always innovative and serving as the model of the strive towards institutional excellence we contribute to the democratic development of society for the benefit of the Georgian nation and humankind.

Country registered in: Georgia

  • Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia
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  • General
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  • Topical


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