Stitching Panos

About the organisation

The Panos Network is a grouping of six autonomous regional Institutes, committed to a world where communities build open, democratic and sustainable societies aimed at social justice, within and between countries, with free and diversified information and communication flows, including an independent and plural media, with a shared mission, to ensure that information and communication are effectively used to foster public debate, pluralism and democracy within and between countries, working with media and other information actors to enable people and communities to shape and communicate their own development agendas, amplifying the voices of the vulnerable, marginalised and excluded people.

The Panos Network and its member Institutes contribute to sustainable development and democracy – at local, national and international levels – through the strengthening of media, information and communication processes and partnerships.  They share the belief that:

Description of the organisation

The current strategy of the Panos Network is based on three complementary goals:

– bridge the communication divide, in order to increase the access to information of vulnerable, marginalised and excluded people and to strengthen their voices to participate in and influence the development agenda at all levels;

– create favourable conditions for policy debate and change on the basis of accurate, balanced and inclusive information;

– build an innovative and effective global Network based on the principles of fairness, equity and respect for diversity.

 The Global Panos Network shares the GFMD’s vision and is committed to supporting its mission.  http://www.panosnetwork.org