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Ponte Jornalismo

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Ponte Jornalismo is a non-profit organization created to broaden the debate on human rights through journalism. Its objective is to enhance the reach of voices marginalized by class, race and gender oppression, allowing the approximation between different actors in the areas of public security and justice, thus collaborating in the survival of Brazilian democracy.

In articulation with movements and groups active in the territories, Ponte intends to:

  • produce and publish, on websites and social media, throughout the grant period, hundreds of well-researched and contextualized stories exposing the massacres practised by government forces in black and poor communities in Brazil, including in places poorly covered by the media
  • publish dozens of stories denouncing the conviction without proof of black poor people, in order to expose the racism in the Brazilian judicial system and the urgent need for reforms
  • launch a documentary series for streaming that will connect the dots exposed in our stories and explain to the public how the war on drugs and the actions of the police and justice harm the rights of the poor and black population, LGBTQIA+ and women
  • bring together community activists, actors of the state’s repressive apparatus and researchers at public events promoted by Ponte to discuss ways to implement reforms that will force the State to respect the human rights of the majority of the population.

Ponte Jornalismo is a GFMD Affiliate member.

Country registered in: Brazil

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
Member type:
  • Affiliate


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