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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

Region: Asia, Pacific, and Oceania

The Pakistan Press Foundation is a a media research, documentation and training centre that centers around promoting freedom of expression. They organize media training programs across urban and rural Pakistan, help direct the attention of journalists towards social, political, professional, and human rights issues, and are working to form a network of media agencies across Pakistan that will enable them to track freedom of expression violations. They produce documents on Arts and Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Radio, Environmental Journalism, Freedom of Expression, Social media, Human Rights, Print media, Information Technology, Media and Governance, Media and Society, Media Development, Media Ethics, Obituaries, PPF activities, Opportunities , Scholarships and Fellowships , Daily News Digest, Publication and Reports and Weekly News Review.

Country registered in: Pakistan

  • Asia, Pacific, and Oceania
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • National


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