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Region: Middle East and North Africa

NewsLabTurkey is an organization that aims to provide training to corporate and individual actors in the Turkish journalism industry and future journalists on journalism practices and to keep them informed of developments in the field. Continuing its activities as a project of the Digital Media Research Association, NewsLabTurkey’s activities have been supported by institutions such as The Guardian Foundation, SIDA, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Consulate General.

NewsLabTurkey’s objectives include:

  • Promoting professionalism in Turkey’s media landscape.
  • Promoting technological advancements rooted in Turkey’s media industry.
  • Promoting freedom of speech and open debate in Turkey’s media landscape.
  • Training Turkey-based media professionals in their field.
  • Providing training sets for Turkey-based digital news outlets on new media and content management.
  • Providing consultancy to media and civil society actors in Turkey. Since 2019 we support 24 media organizations or young entrepreneurs each year with our incubator program and seed fund to start their projects.

There are many organizations that graduated from NewsLabTurkey’s incubator program and now become nationally well-known media organisations in their fields. NewsLabTurkey also provides additional resources and support to journalists and media organizations through our training programs, our website and a diverse set of digital content and mentorship and consulting focused projects. Each project is focused on creating a sustainable, professional and technologically advanced media ecosystem in Turkey. NewsLabTurkey work also brought the organisation recognition from different organizations. Most notably, NewsLabTurkey’s founder and president of our NGO Digital Media Research Association has been selected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2021.

Country registered in: Turkey

  • Middle East and North Africa
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Topical


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