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New Narratives

Region: Asia, Pacific, and Oceania

New Narratives is a U.S. organisation founded in 2010 that is the engine behind business innovation and investigative and explanatory journalism at the most impactful news organisations in the Global South.

NN Success:

  • NN media partners have seen an increase in audience share of up to 500%, boosting revenue, financial independence and the ability to cover stories that really matter to audiences, won international prizes and international support under fire.
  • Many NN “fellows” have stayed in journalism for more than a decade, building skills, confidence, credibility and sources they need to do journalism that has impact.
  • NN’s most high-profile fellows are women. They have changed a news industry view that dismissed “women’s issues” and made them legitimate front page news stories. Women interview more women and are high profile role models for other women.
  • Fellows have won numerous national and international awards including the Committee to Protect Journalists Press Freedom prize  the UN Dag Hammarskjold Fellowship and they have contributed to major media including the Guardian, The New York Times, PBS NewsHour, Foreign Policy, and NPR.

Country registered in: Australia

  • Asia, Pacific, and Oceania
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Regional


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