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Palestine Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)

Region: Middle East and North Africa

MADA is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organization. The center operates throughout the Palestinian Territories based in Ramallah, working daily to develop the Palestinian media and to promote and defend media freedoms and freedom of expression. MADA stands side-by-side Palestinian journalists, monitors all violations on their rights, empowers them to speak up and end their self-censorship, offers them free legal consultation and representation, promotes and defends their right to freedom of expression and opinion and right to access information, and contributes to Palestinian media development to become a key player in developing and promoting democracy in Palestinian society.

MADA Center was established in 2006, where a group of Passionate vision driven Palestinians “citizens and journalists” joined forces to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression and opinion.


Country registered in: Palestine

  • Middle East and North Africa
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • National


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