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Ideosync Media Combine

Region: Asia, Pacific, and Oceania

Ideosync envisions a world where all communities are empowered with communication and information sharing skills – and the skills to use technology to create, preserve and share their knowledge.

Since 1998, Ideosync has been working to realize that vision with communities and development agencies across India, South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia. With a body of work that covers strategic communication design, communication tool development & production, communication research, and capacity building for communities as well as civil society organizations, Ideosync has set new standards for participatory, community-driven C4SC interventions. Their work has helped communities take charge of their information needs, and transition from being passive consumers of external content to active disseminators of their own knowledge.

Their work focuses on three primary areas: Community Media & Media Rights; Young People, Health, Gender & Sexuality; and New Communication Technologies for Change.

Country registered in: India

  • Asia, Pacific, and Oceania
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • National


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