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Globe International Center

Region: Asia, Pacific, and Oceania

Globe International Center (GIC) was established in March 1999 with the mission to sustain Mongolian democracy and civil society by spreading the power of information and knowledge. It is a non-membership, non-for-profit and tax-exempted NGO based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. GIC’s strategic goal is to promote the public’s access to information using all possible means of information and knowledge distribution, including traditional media, publications, arts and ICT.

Since its establishment, GIC has successfully implemented 180 projects directed to promote fundamental rights, good governance and social accountability. GIC has three main strategic programs:

  • Media development,
  • Good and Transparent Governance for the People and
  • Empowerment the Public through Communication and Arts.

GIC’s tools include advocacy and lobbying, monitoring, research and analysis, traditional and new media campaigns, specialised training, stakeholder discussion, art events such as the Readers’ Theatre and visual contents, podcasts, social media, audios and videos, PSAs and spots.

GIC implements activities to promote and protect freedom of opinion expression, to advocate for favorable media legal environment, and to build the capacity of journalists, media professionals, journalism students and lawyers. GIC conducts monitoring of free expression violations and provides legal aid to the media outlets and journalists whose rights are violated.

GIC actively works towards promoting good governance, improving social accountability at local and national levels. Within this activity, GIC cooperates with government agencies to increase their transparency and information openness and with citizens/CSOs and the media to raise build their capacity to hold decision-makers and public officials accountable.

Country registered in: Mongolia

  • Asia, Pacific, and Oceania
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Regional


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