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Fundación Mutante

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Fundación Mutante is the first digital movement of citizen conversation in Colombia. Fundación Muitante calls on our audience to speak, understand and act on the most urgent problems of our time.

Through an innovative multichannel digital communication strategy, Mutante invites audiences to actively discuss their issues, building a public agenda from the bottom up, from civil society. Social inequality, climate crisis, human rights abuses, gender inequality… Mutante is aware that our society has problems, and we raise our hands to do something about them.

Mutante is a  communication platform that does participatory journalism and integrates social networks and digital channels to convene citizens to build collective knowledge about their problems, in communication cycles that they have called “social conversations”. Social conversations are spaces for citizen dialogue that are based on journalistic exercises, through digital tools, which enable imaginaries, stereotypes, information gaps and disinformation to be analysed; problems of social relevance are detected; qualified information is produced through communicative and pedagogical tools; and the public agenda is built from the bottom up, through participatory translation and transfer to decision-making scenarios. Mutante’s conversations include all kinds of formats, many participatory, such as questions, surveys and talking circles; some more informative, such as reports, infographics or panels with experts; and others more pedagogical, such as manuals and guides.

Fundación Mutante is a GFMD Affiliate member.

Country registered in: Colombia

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
Member type:
  • Affiliate


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