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Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES)

Region: Europe (Central, Northern, Southern, Western)

The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (known by its Finnish acronym ’Vikes’) is a journalists’ solidarity organisation devoted to strengthening democracy and active civil society by supporting freedom of expression, quality journalism and media diversity around the world. Through Vikes, Finnish journalists support their colleagues in other countries and form equal, cooperative relationships for mutual learning.

Vikes is the only Finnish development cooperation organization specialized in freedom of expression and media. Their main tool for strengthening the freedom of expression is training targeting journalists, media workers and other relevant stakeholders such as state officials. Vikes’ training programs aim to increase the quality of journalism through improved professional skill, techniques and ethics.

Vikes are also working for an improved safety of journalists and media workers by equipping them with practical know-how in carrying out their work in tough conditions. Vikes also train other people in the media field, e.g. filmmakers and communication officers to ensure that there are diverse sources of information available for citizens and decision makers.

Country registered in: Finland

  • Europe (Central, Northern, Southern, Western)
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Topical


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