Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

About the organisation

Founded in 2004, Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) represents networks, national federations, projects and individuals active within the Third Media Sector often called community media, at the European level.

Description of the organisation

CMFE’s work is driven by an active board, which leads on implementation of programmes together with an expert group and collaboration with likeminded organisations around issues.

CMFE’s vision is “A society where community media are recognized and supported as important inclusive sites for dialogue, debate and learning, owned by the communities, and where all citizens have access to freely address issues of concern.”

CMFE’s mission is to advocate for community media in Europe, and thus raise awareness of the contributions of community media to media pluralism, democratic participation, and development. This mission includes efforts to obtain legal recognition of the 3rd sector on a European and national level, secure funding opportunities and entertain dialogues with European bodies, provide links to research and activities that foster support, exchange and cooperation with independent civic media initiatives.

Focus areas

CMFE focuses our work within our three strategic, thematic action areas:


(i) Legal, enabling environments for community media;


(ii) Communication and Visibility;


(iii) Action for Cooperation and Change.

Updates and resources

Since 2008 CMFE has an observer status with the Steering Committee on the Media and Information Society (CDMSI) of the Council of Europe and several of its working groups. It has contributed to a number of policy recommendations in the area of media pluralism as well as more specifically in the area of Community Media. You can find an overview of Community Media studies and resources, as well as a fact sheet, here: https://www.coe.int/en/web/freedom-expression/community-media (the page is available in English and French).


Learn more about CMFE and follow their work through their newsletter: https://cmfe.eu/?page_id=968

Team members

Birgitte Jallov; President; president@cmfe.eu; birgitte@empowerhouse.dk
Helmut Peissl; Treasurer, treasurer@cmfe.eu; helmut.peissl@cmfe.eu
Vladimir Radinović, board member;  vladimir@radiokit.org
Lina Chawaf; board member; linachawaf@rozana.fm
Larry Macaulay; board member; refugeeradionetwork@gmail.com

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