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Chicas Poderosas Inc.

Region: North America

The aim of Chicas Poderosas since its creation has been to promote female leadership and gender equality in media. From leadership positions at media companies to bylines, and also as sources or people featured in the news, women are underrepresented. This generates an editorial agenda with a limited perspective, excluding women’s voices and issues from public debate. Furthermore, women’s underrepresentation in the media perpetuates inequalities.

To address the gender gap in media, Chicas Poderosas offers professional training to provide women in media with the concrete skills they need to take their media career to the next level, boost entrepreneurial projects, and push forward female leadership in journalism. As a community, Chicas Poderosas offers women in media the support of a network, which serves as a space to exchange knowledge and experiences, and provide access to possibilities to develop their careers. Chicas Poderosas is also changing the narrative to transform the world, by promoting spaces for the creation of collaborative journalism projects.

Country registered in: United States

  • North America
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Regional


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