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Centre For Media And Information Literacy

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

The Centre for Media & Information Literacy in Kenya (CMILKenya) is a not-for-profit organization registered in Kenya in May 2013 to spearhead media and information literacy among various citizen groups and promote good governance through civic engagement initiatives in the country.

The overall aim of CMIL-Kenya is to spearhead the uptake of media and information literacy skills for all citizens in the country – a critical skill the 21st-century knowledge societies – through research, capacity building, and advocacy for the provision and dissemination of adequate and quality information from the government, media and other sources, and for gainful use of the information by citizens for growth of democracy and development in Kenya.

Country registered in: Kenya

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • National


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