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Region: Asia, Pacific, and Oceania

BaleBengong is a citizen journalism media organisation based in Bali, Indonesia. As a hyperlocal online media organisation, BaleBengong provides information involving the public and shapes debate about actual issues on the island. Established on 26 June 2007, BaleBengong has become the most active citizen journalism media organisation in the country with more than 800 contributors and 105,000+ followers on a verified Twitter account.

BaleBengong was founded on 26 June, 2007, during the rise of the personal weblog (blog), in Bali, Indonesia. It was intended to be an alternative space for concerned citizens to share their personal experience and perspectives among mainstream media in the region.

Since then, this non-profit citizen journalism organisation has become a respected and independent media outlet to convey different perspectives of people on the island and a space for vulnerable communities such as people with HIV AIDS, people using drugs, children, prisoners, people with disabilities, people with schizophrenia, and disadvantaged farmers and fishermen, etc.
Using its website and social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, BaleBengong is well known among Internet users in Bali as an independent and grass-root media organisation that stands for the vulnerable communities.
BaleBengong now has more than 800 contributors with various background such as housewives, lecturers, activists, designers, journalists, tour guides, etc. who actively publish their stories in different formats including articles, pictures, and videos.

BaleBengong is also actively engaged in the digital literacy movement in Bali specifically and Indonesia generally. It includes citizen journalism training, digital rights advocacy, digital security training, particularly for activists and journalists, and community media advocacy in Indonesia.

Country registered in: Indonesia

  • Asia, Pacific, and Oceania
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