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Region: Global (working in 2 or more regions)

ARTICLE 19 works for a world where all people everywhere can freely express themselves and actively engage in public life without fear of discrimination. We promote media freedom, increase access to information, protect journalists and human rights defenders, fight the shrinking of civic space, and place human rights at the heart of developing digital spaces.

ARTICLE 19 works so that people everywhere can express themselves freely, access information and enjoy freedom of the press. They understand freedom of expression as three things:

1. Freedom of expression is the right to speak:

  • It is the right to voice political, cultural, social and economic opinions;
  • It is the right to dissent;
  • It makes electoral democracy meaningful and builds public trust in administration.

2. Freedom of expression is freedom of the press:

  • It is the right of a free and independent media to report without fear, interference, persecution or discrimination;
  • It is the right to provide knowledge, give voice to the marginalised and to highlight corruption;
  • It creates an environment where people feel safe to question government action and to hold power accountable.

3. Freedom of expression is the right to know:

  • It is the right to access all media, internet, art, academic writings, and information held by government;
  • It is the right to use when demanding rights to health, to a clean environment, to truth and to justice;
  • It holds governments accountable for their promises, obligations and actions, preventing corruption which thrives on secrecy.

Country registered in: United Kingdom

  • Global (working in 2 or more regions)
Member type:
  • General
Organisation type:
  • Global


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