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GFMD’s MediaDev Fundraising Guide is now available in Romanian

We are excited to announce that our Fundraising Guide for Media Development has now been translated into Romanian! The guide will help to equip Romanian language media, media development, and journalism support organisations with the essential tools and knowledge needed to diversify their funding sources, build sustainable revenue models, and foster long-term financial stability.

Author: Communications Gfmd | 22. September 2023

GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide in Romanian

It is increasingly important for Moldova to have a robust and independent media landscape in light of the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine. The external pressure of Russian propaganda, coupled with internal challenges such as financial constraints and limited resources, has made it increasingly difficult for Moldovan media to fulfil their critical role as watchdogs of democracy and providers of reliable information to the public.

In June 2021 GFMD launched a new fundraising centre and guide specifically aimed at the media and media development sector to help develop and improve fundraising proposals. The MediaDev Fundraising Guide has now been translated into Romanian with funding from the EU channelled by the EU4 Independent Media programme implemented by DT Global.

Please feel free to use our communication toolkit available in English and Romanian to share the guide with your colleagues and partners. Visuals both in English and Romanian can be found here.

You can now access GFMD’s Fundraising Guide for Media Development in:

The Fundraising Guide offers a comprehensive set of resources on;

  • Tips on how to plan the process, identify relevant opportunities, write a proposal, and present a realistic budget.
  • An extensive lexicon of fundraising terminology to help you during the process.
  • If you are looking for donors, the resource centre has an extensive list of relevant funders with details of their areas of focus and with links to their funding opportunities.
  • Latest crisis and emergency funding and resources available to journalists and media.

For inquiries or further information about the Fundraising Guide and GFMD’s initiatives, please contact Anne Marie Hammer, Programs and Project Manager at amhammer@gfmd.info.

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