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Media development organisations voice support for journalists in Myanmar

Author: Olga Komarova | 12. February 2021

The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) has issued a statement in support of journalists and media organisations operating on the ground in Myanmar. Amid ongoing reports of Internet shutdowns, threats of attacks, and reported arrests of media workers, it is vital that journalists are allowed to continue providing the people of Myanmar with reliable and unbiased information. As Myanmar journalists fear an imminent and more robust crackdown on media, GFMD issued the following statement:

The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), a network of journalism support and media development organisations, reaffirms its ongoing support to journalists, newsrooms, and media organisations operating in Myanmar.

We express our concern at reports that journalists have been intimidated, attacked, and in some cases even arrested. We ask that their safety be preserved so that they can continue their crucial mission of providing the people of Myanmar with unbiased, reliable, and quality information. 

We call on all donors, journalism support, and media development institutions to continue supporting their partners in Myanmar and to take steps to ensure their safety and security.

We stand in solidarity with Myanmar’s journalists as they continue to fulfill their vital role of informing the public and with organisations and institutions that are continuing to provide vital support to journalists and newsrooms at this critical time.

Mira Milosevic
Executive Director, GFMD

Elsewhere, other media development, press freedom, and journalism support organisations have written additional statements calling for an end to Internet shutdowns, for authorities to ensure the safety of journalists working on the ground, and condemning all attacks on democracy and press freedom.


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