Key Information

  • Eligibility:
    • legal residence in a Member State or candidate country of the Council of Europe (valid passport required)
    • documented journalistic work and references
    • documentation describing the immediate threat situation and lack of local support opportunities
    • appropriate cases of media professionals at risk that have already been fact-checked by its network partners and provide relocation fellowships in Leipzig
  • Funding amount: up to €6’000
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Germany
  • Application languages: English and German

Journalists get the chance to rest and recuperate in a safe and discreet place, and also to continue their investigative work at their own pace and use their time in Leipzig for networking and finding solidarity.

The JiR programme provide safe and discreet place to continue investigating and publishing. It lasts for either three or up to six months, and includes a rent-free furnished apartment in Leipzig, as well as a monthly stipend to cover basic living costs. It also covers travel and visa expenses, health insurance, psychological counselling, and journalism-related training sessions on topics like digital security, mobile reporting and social media management.



See here to learn more and apply.