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GFMD welcomes 17 new members

In January 2024, the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) welcomed seventeen new members to our community of journalism support and media development organisations.

Author: Fiona Nzingo | 22. January 2024

GFMD welcomes 17 new membersWe are excited to present our latest additions, who have joined us in our commitment to foster and propel global media development. These vibrant organisations contribute a range of perspectives and skills, enhancing the cooperative ethos that characterises GFMD. In unity, we will persist in making a positive impact on the worldwide media landscape.

Explore our new members dispersed across various continents, illustrating the global reach of the GFMD network. It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to the following organisations joining GFMD:

General members

  1. ACOS Alliance – United States of America: The ACOS Alliance (A Culture Of Safety Alliance) is a unique global coalition of news organisations, journalist associations and press freedom NGOs working together to champion safe and responsible journalism practices.
  2. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication – Bangladesh: Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is a national networking body working to build a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) of remote & marginalised population.
  3. Center for Global Peace Journalism – United States of America: The Center for Global Peace Journalism deals with peace journalism education, dissemination, and promotion. The center has taught peace journalism in 33 countries, developed and taught courses; developed curriculum, etc.
  4. Community Media Network – Jordan: Community Media Network is an independent media NGO seeking to serve the Jordanian community through an enlightening discourse. Their mission is to encourage dialogue, educate the public, help in the decision-making process, and empower marginalised groups by managing media and cultural projects throughout the Kingdom of Jordan. Their work gives normal Jordanians a space to express themselves through different forms of media. These mediums include their radio station, Radio Al-Balad, their website, AmmanNet.Net, and their respective social media accounts.
  5. Europe’s MediaLab – Belgium: Europe’s MediaLab (Fondation EURACTIV), set up in 2003 as a public interest foundation under Belgian law, is a think-and-do-tank dedicated to fostering healthy media in Europe.
  6. Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa (FLIP) – Colombia: FLIP defends freedom of expression and promotes an optimal climate for those who practice journalism to satisfy the citizens’ right to be informed.
  7. Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network – United Kingdom: MCJN provides professional development and essential assistance to women journalists from across the Arab region, supporting them to thrive in their careers as they confront discrimination, violence and curbs on freedom of speech.
  8. Media INK – Somalia:  Media INK believes that professional and ethical reporting is the cornerstone of access to information. They implement programmes to help the development of professional, free and independent media to promote freedom of expression and access to reliable information.
  9. The Youth Cafe – Kenya: The Youth Cafe seeks to equip young people with key media literacy skills: critical thinking, fact-checking, online safety, social media verification, and quality assessment of online information and their sources.

Affiliate members

  1. AbzasMedia – Azerbaijan: AbzasMedia uses innovative methods to provide people with the truth about Azerbaijan and promote universal values. They have published over 30 journalist investigations in the last 2.5 years.
  2. Al-Jumhuriya Collective – Germany: Al-Jumhuriya Collective works to expand Syrian self-knowledge and the world’s knowledge of Syria and to promote open debate, critical thinking, and progressive values.
  3. Associació d’Amics de Ràdio Televisió Cardedeu – Spain: Ràdio Televisió Cardedeu is not only the first local television in Spain and the first television in Catalan in the world. It is also the closest to citizens.
  4. Association Radio Rozana – France: Rozana is an independent media that respects human rights including gender, interaction and freedom of expression. Rozana seeks to spread awareness and develop youth capabilities through the exchange of opinions and experiences by providing reliable information through radio, creative tools, innovative content and digital communities.
  5. Frontline In Focus XR – Turkey: Frontline in focusxr is a team of journalists who believe that conflict coverage should go beyond breaking news and major events like earthquakes or massacres. Their commitment is to shed light on daily life and stories from areas like Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. In addition to producing regular content for NGOs and media platforms, they use VR  and AR to tell stories from Syria.
  6. The European Correspondent – Switzerland: The European Correspondent is a European Civil Society network of correspondents who foster local perspectives in the European media.
  7. The Public Source – Lebanon: Built on collaboration and rooted in social movements, the Public Source aims to position itself as a trustworthy source of journalism produced in the public interest.
  8. Wattan Media Network – Palestine: Wattan Media Network [Wattan] is an award-winning, independent, ‎professional ‎media organisation based in Ramallah, Palestine. Over ‎the past 27 years, Wattan has established itself as an ‎important voice of Palestinian citizens, civil ‎society, marginalised communities and groups, women ‎and, most significantly, youth.

GFMD is thrilled to add a new group of members to the network and to work with them to promote media development and support journalism wherever it is threatened across the globe.

Through collaboration, coordination, and collective action, our network of 188 members creates, promotes, and delivers policies and programmes to sustain journalism as a public good. Search our 180+ membership to find a partner for your project. If you want to become a GFMD member, the application process is simple and quick. Find out more about how to join GFMD here.


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