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GFMD welcomes 11 new members

In May 2024, the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) welcomed eleven new members to our community of journalism support and media development organisations.

Author: GFMD Secretariat | 10. June 2024

We are excited to present our latest additions, who have joined us in our commitment to foster and propel global media development. These vibrant organisations contribute a range of perspectives and skills, enhancing the cooperative ethos that characterises GFMD. In unity, we will persist in making a positive impact on the worldwide media landscape.

Explore our new members dispersed across various continents, illustrating the global reach of the GFMD network. It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to the following organisations joining GFMD:

General members

  1. Building Bridges Advies Netherlands: Building Bridges Advies equally supports media and media development organisations who work in climate-vulnerable environments to integrate climate change into their programming, and strategy development, foster innovative partnerships and identify fundraising opportunities. I support organisations with advocacy and networking work, fundraising and proposal writing, research & training.
  2. Freedom Forum – Nepal: Freedom Forum’s mission is to safeguard the fundamental freedoms of citizens in full adherence to modern democratic norms and values. Freedom Forum values democracy, human rights, the right to information, press freedom, freedom of expression, open and transparent government and open data.
  3. Think Again – Egypt: The foundation’s mission is to advocate for media freedom and independence, particularly for journalists facing security issues. It supports independent media platforms, enhances content quality, amends legislation hindering press freedom, and fosters a human rights culture, with a focus on women’s rights and minority challenges.
  4. Febrayer – Germany: Febrayer Network is home to a group of leading independent progressive media outlets in the Middle East.
  5. National Union of Journalists of Ukraine – Ukraine: The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine focuses on the safety of journalists, media viability, restoration of local media in the de-occupied and front-line territories, and access of the Ukrainian and world audience to objective information about the war in Ukraine.
  6. 2402 Foundation – Ukraine: 2402 Foundation’s main goal is to raise awareness of safety and well-being among journalists and civil society in Ukraine, thus making society safer, more confident, and resilient to threats and stress.
  7. Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism‎ (SIRAJ) – France: The Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism (SIRAJ) is a pioneering initiative dedicated to promoting investigative journalism and accountability in Syria. Established to address the critical need for independent and in-depth reporting amid the complex and challenging media landscape in Syria, SIRAJ strives to empower Syrian journalists with the skills, resources, and support necessary to conduct rigorous investigations into issues of public interest.
  8. One World Media Trust – United Kingdom: One World Media’s mission is to support strong vibrant and independent media that empowers citizens, promotes justice and contributes to international development.
  9. International Network of Street Papers (INSP) – Scotland: The International Network of Street Papers, is a non-profit organisation committed to addressing global poverty and homelessness. Their mission involves empowering individuals and street paper enterprises to tackle these issues locally.
  10. Erich Brost Institut – Germany: The Erich Brost Institute initiates comparative research projects and publications dealing with international journalism cultures and media systems, innovations in international journalism and intercultural communication processes, with a special focus on Europe.

Affiliate members

  1. Sifter – Ethiopia: Sifter is set up to make news accessible and digestible to people invested in Ethiopia without spending too much time. Sifter prioritises news that covers regions in the country that do not get much coverage, human and women’s rights issues, labour rights, and migration.

GFMD is thrilled to add a new group of members to the network and to work with them to promote media development and support journalism wherever it is threatened across the globe.

Through collaboration, coordination, and collective action, our network of 199 members creates, promotes, and delivers policies and programmes to sustain journalism as a public good. Search our 190+ membership to find a partner for your project.

If you want to become a GFMD member, the application process is simple and quick. Find out more about how to join GFMD here.


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