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Author: Olga Komarova | 19. November 2018

On Nov. 27 at 15:00 CET, GFMD will be hosting a members-only webinar focusing on the challenges of preparing EU funding proposals and, specifically, of responding to the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Global Call which was launched earlier this month. The webinar is the second instalment in GFMD’s Capacity Building Programme.

The webinar is aimed at building the fundraising capacities of GFMD members in the European Neighbourhood and the Global South, particularly those who are considering applying for Lot 3 of the Global Call (deadline 21/12/18). It will provide an opportunity for participants to:

  • Find out more about the way EIDHR works and how bids are evaluated;
  • Gain insights into the key ingredients of a competitive proposal;
  • Consider and discuss project ideas which meet the objectives of Lot 3.

The specific objectives of Lot 3 are to improve the capacity of civil society and citizenry to:

  1. Support freedom of expression and a diversity of public opinion and representation, and countering illegal hate speech online, particularly in times of societal stress or crisis;
  2. Counter disinformation, promote reliable independent sources, and facilitate access to information for ordinary citizens on public issues;
  3. Advocate for accountability in service delivery and the management of public funds.

The webinar will be delivered by Michael Randall, a media consultant with 20 years’ experience of designing, writing and evaluating proposals. Michael has an exceptional track record of securing EU funding from all the major donors (European Commission, State Department, USAID, UN agencies) as well as European governments and private foundations. Following a 17-year career at BBC Media Action, he now works on a freelance basis and lives in France.

To participate, please register here.


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