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GFMD restates its call for support of media and journalists in Ukraine

On August 24, Ukraine’s 31st Independence Day which, due to an unfortunate twist of fate, simultaneously marks six months since the start of Russia’s military invasion, GFMD restates its call for increased support of independent media and journalists in Ukraine

Author: Communications Gfmd | 24. August 2022

Since the beginning of war journalism in Ukraine is undergoing a terrible assault. Since February 24 Russia committed 435 crimes against journalists and the media in Ukraine, according to the Institute of Mass Information’s latest data. As of August 24, the Russian military has killed a total of 37 journalists in Ukraine, 8 of them were killed in the course of their work (2 women and 6 men). 14 journalists have been injured; 4 journalists are still considered missing.

Source: Institute of Mass Information (Ukraine)

The targeting, torturing, and killing of journalists is abhorrent and must be stopped. Those responsible must be held accountable and brought to justice under national and international law. Vicious online attacks against news organisations and individual journalists must also cease. We continue to condemn Russia’s attacks on press freedom and freedom of expression in Ukraine in the strongest possible terms.

For the last six months, GMFD has been curating an extensive list of organisations providing emergency funding, available for journalists and media in Ukraine as well as crisis and emergency resources. GFMD has also been working with members and partners on mapping the needs of Ukrainian and regional media organisations.

On this day we continue to stand in solidarity with all journalists and independent media covering Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. As we stated in Perugia Declaration for Ukraine, for the sake of the immediate future and safety of our Ukrainian colleagues, and the long-term viability of independent, public interest journalism everywhere, this is a moment that we all need to rise to. Join 219 media organizations and sign the declaration here.

Perugia Declaration for Ukraine is a foundation for future collective advocacy efforts of GFMD, its members and partners. It will be used in the discussion at the International Press Institute World Congress on September 8-10, 2022, in New York City dedicated to the improvement of media assistance coordination mechanisms.

If you want to support Ukrainian media and journalists on this special day, check out fundraising and crowdfunding initiatives GFMD has collated as part of our information-sharing effort to support media and journalists in Ukraine and the region: in English and in Ukrainian.



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