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GFMD’s impact in 2023 and plans for 2024

As we embark on a new year, it’s time to reflect on our collaborative achievements in 2023 and outline our ambitious plans for 2024

Author: Liza Bezushko | 13. February 2024

Let’s take a moment to remember our collective accomplishments in 2023 and learn how you can contribute to GFMD’s plans in 2024

GFMD’s impact in 2023: in numbers and quotes 

42 new members

In  2023, GFMD welcomed forty-two new members to our community of journalism support and media development organisations. Here’s what our members say:

“GFMD is a great network which allows you to connect not only the media development [but also] with regional and international organisations that share the same interests with you. They supported us to connect with some of the international NGOs that we found really challenging to connect with.” – Maryan Seylac, Executive Director of the Somali Media Women Association.

Watch Vusumuzi Sifile, Executive Director at Panos Institute Southern Africa and GFMD Steering Committee member, discuss how PSAf obtained accreditation to hold an event at the UN premises in Geneva, with support from the GFMD:

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100,000+ users of our online resources

The best ways to stay connected with us:

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organised 20+ digital policy meetings

In 2023, GFMD joined several open letters to EU policymakers to strengthen media freedom and ban spyware, moderated the session on Perspectives of the Media on UNESCO’s Guidelines for regulating digital platforms, joined RSF and 15 partners to launch the Paris Charter on AI and Journalism, and aimed to foster collaboration among members through the EU Media Advocacy Working Group.

But one of the biggest achievements of the last year was the launch of the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism together with a coalition led by the Lviv Media Forum.

“Amidst the complex landscape of today’s media environment, the launch of the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM) stands as a beacon of resilience. In times of war, the synergy between technology and journalism becomes pivotal, and this initiative serves as a vital lifeline for the media in Ukraine” – Alyona Nevmerzhytska, CEO of Hromadske.

In collaboration with the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), GFMD IMPACT has taken on a leadership role in informing the process to renew principles on effective support to media and the information environment at the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee’s Network on Governance. The Principles aim to provide clear operational guidance as to the ways in which Overseas Development Aid addresses challenges to public interest media and the information environment. Learn more about the process here.

Watch Nick Benequista, Senior Director at the Centre for International Media (CIMA), elaborate on GFMD’s pivotal role in fostering collective engagement with donors:

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published 10 reports and policy briefings

The valuable insights and best practices derived from  GFMD IMPACT meetings were captured in a number of policy briefs and white papers, including Recommendations for Effective Funding and CollaborationLong-term financial support for Ukrainian media and journalistsMedia Viability: The global versus the local and Media Freedom Cohort: key outcomes and findings

However one of the biggest publications of the last year was the GFMD IMPACT’s policy brief and policy paper on National Journalism Funds.

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Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic and Romanian translations of the MediaDev Fundraising Guide were launched in 2023, bringing the total number of Guides up to seven.

“Thank you for the extremely useful and detailed guide in Ukrainian. We have already shared the link on our resources and will recommend it during our events. As we provide help for local media in resuming their work, your guide would be very helpful for our organisation” – Lina Kushch, First Secretary, National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Watch Maryan Seylac, Executive Director of the Somali Media Women Association (SOMWA), share insights into SOMWA’s fundraising journey, emphasizing the valuable assistance provided by GFMD’s MediaDev Fundraising Guide:

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Looking ahead to 2024 

In 2024, GFMD is committed to building on the momentum of the past year and expanding our impact on media development globally. Below you will find our key priorities for the year ahead and how to get involved:

Regional meetings

Looking ahead, the GFMD team is planning in-person and online regional meetings. GFMD will organise two regional meetings in the first half of 2024 to provide a platform for members and partners to learn from each other, explore new ways to collaborate and nurture constructive dialogue with policymakers and donors:

Context: GFMD held a meeting for members and partners working in the Middle East and North Africa (read the MENA report here) at the ARIJ Forum in Amman, Jordan on 30 November.

Get involved: All GFMD meetings are co-designed and implemented in partnership with our members. If you are interested in hosting or contributing to any of these meetings please contact the GFMD Secretariat.

Policy and Advocacy 

In collaboration with our members and partners, GFMD will organise policy and advocacy meetings at least every 2 months. These will focus on upcoming opportunities leveraging GFMD’s observer status at Unesco and the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), including the UN Summit for Future in September 2024.

GFMD will also continue to facilitate conversations to address the different advocacy opportunities related to media in the EU, with a primary focus on the development of the proposed regulation of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA)

Get involved: You can find here a link to a short concept note of GFMD’s Digital Learning, Policy and Advocacy Plan, which outlines our overall plans in these areas over the next few years. If you are interested in contributing to any of these meetings, please reach out to us.


Building on our work with members and partners in Palestine, Sudan, and Ukraine, GFMD will continue to convene our community in times of crisis. This year we will be expanding these efforts to further deepen collaboration between our members as well as joint advocacy to donors and policymakers.

GFMD IMPACT will also continue to implement best practices in funding for journalism including Principles for Relevant and Effective Support to Media and the Information Environment and GFMD’s Code of Practice.

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