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US Mission to Djibouti: PAS Annual Program Statement

Organisation: U.S. Mission to Djibouti

Status: Closed

  • Grant

Funding Size: $1,000 up to $10,000

Deadline: 30/06/2022

  • Eligibility criteria: PAS Djibouti encourages applications from the following entities in the United States and Djibouti:
    – Registered non-governmental organizations, including think tanks and civil society organizations with programming experience;
    – Non-profit or governmental educational institutions and governmental institutions;
    – Individuals.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target country: United States and Djibouti
  • Application language: English

The US Embassy Djibouti Public Affairs Section (PAS) is pleased to announce that funding is available through its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. This is an Annual Program Statement (APS), outlining the funding priorities, the strategic themes they focus on, and the procedures for submitting requests for funding.

Public Affairs Section (PAS) Djibouti invites proposals for programs that strengthen ties between the United States and Djibouti through cultural programming that highlights shared values and promotes bilateral cooperation. Competitive programs support a priority program area. All programs must include an American cultural element, or connection with American expert/s, organization/s, or institution/s in a specific field that will promote increased understanding of U.S. policies and perspectives.

See here to learn more and apply.

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