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Underreported Stories in Sub-Saharan Africa

Organisation: Pulitzer Center

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    – Freelance journalists, staff journalists, or groups of newsrooms including reporters, photographers, radio/audio journalists, television/video journalists, and documentary filmmakers working in collaboration with a project idea.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Application language: English

The Pulitzer Center is seeking proposals to advance wide-reaching and relevant journalism on issues impacting communities in sub-Saharan Africa, including but not limited to water and sanitation, land degradation and coastal erosion, education, maternal health, and climate resilience.

The organisation places special emphasis on projects that inform behavior and policies that improve the lives of the communities reported on.

Pulitzer Center supports projects across all media platforms and encourage ambitious proposals that combine print, photography, audio, and/or video for one or more news outlets.

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Status: Open

  • Grant
  • Democracy and good governance

Funding Size: N/A

Deadline: Ongoing


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