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Media Training & HIV-Stigma Programs in Ghana

Organisation: US Embassy

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Democracy and good governance

Funding Size: $15,000 to $30,000

Deadline: 18/09/2021

  • Eligibility:
    – Not-for-profit organisations and Civil Society/non-governmental organisations.
    – Local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) who are focused on media-related and health issues (Specifically HIV and AIDS/ Handling effective Anti- Stigma campaigns).
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target country: Ghana
  • Application language: English

The U.S. Embassy of the U.S. Department of State announces has launched an open competition for organisations to submit applications to carry out an innovative program on HIV and AIDS to engage the Ghanaian media on accurate reporting, innovative educative programs and HIV AntiStigma campaign to end epidemic control.


  • Improve public awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic among the people of Greater Accra, Western, Western North and Ahafo Regions.
  • Provide basic educational resources the masses regarding causes, effects, modes of transmission, prevention, and the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  • Encourage accurate reportage by Journalists across the country.
  • Empower people to enable them to make informed choices regarding their sexual health and life in general.
  • Aid in the efforts to achieve epidemic control by 2030. This is by eliminating the stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS, reduce infection rates, increase the number of people being tested, encourage multi-month dispensing leading to viral load suppression and ultimately achieve the UNAIDS goal of 95-95-95.

See here to learn more and apply.

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