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Karibu Foundation Grant Program – Global South

Status: Open

  • Grant

Deadline: Ongoing

Key Information

  • Eligibility: 
    • Projects that Karibu supports are primarily related to the areas of information exchanges, mobilizing efforts, legislative and research efforts, bridge-building, dialogue, and capacity building.
    • Karibu prioritizes projects that are South-South in nature (one or more countries or territories in collaboration).
    • Karibu prioritizes projects that have a systemic focus.
  • Funding amount: $10,000-100,000
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Global
  • Application languages: English

The Karibu Foundation is seeking applications for its grant program to support alternative voices from the Global South that provide alternatives to the dominant paradigms of power, distribution, and development.


Karibu’s primary objectives are:

  • To provide economic support to organizations and networks in the South that work for a just world.
  • To strategically cooperate with these organizations and networks, support network-building processes, and convey the thoughts and experiences of our partners to various arenas in the Global North.

Grant Aims

The grants are aimed at:

  • providing human, professional and economic resources to enable movements to continue their struggle for justice.
  • providing support to networks and initiatives that work for deeper analysis, stronger representation and improved capacity for advocacy.
  • establishing meeting points and joint approaches between groups in the South (South-South), as well as with groups in the North (South-North), to form global alliances in the struggle for justice.

Funding Information

  • For first time grantees, Karibu rarely provides grants for more than USD 15.000,- to a project spanning over the course of one year. The final amount might be less than this amount.

Find more information here.

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