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Internews Grants for Women Journalists in Iraq

Status: Open

  • Grant

Deadline: Ongoing

Key Information

  • Eligibility: 
    • The topic must represent an area of women’s sensitive issues and taboos and relevance for the journal.
    • Proposals should have a well-articulated unifying theme and reflect at Gender and women issues level.
    • Proposals should include or be accompanied with a small budget / description of costs of production of content.
  • Funding amount: N/A
  • Type of funding: Grants
  • Target countries: Iraq
  • Application languages: Arabic, Kurdish

Many stories that Iraqi women care about go unreported because they seem irrelevant to editorial managers, are deemed culturally sensitive or are a social taboo. Internews will provide 100 small story grants to women reporters to research and produce a story of their choice.

The stories will be featured in the participating media outlets and online and will be presented during the Women’s Media Festival.

A select committee will decide the final selection of the application of the contents at Internews in consultation with the senior editors and journalists. The applications may include short films, audio or video reports, and written texts. 

Proposals should be sent by 15th April 2020 directly to the Editor-project coordinator, who will forward them to the associate committee for evaluation.

The selection of the highest-quality proposal will be the outcome of a collaborative review by all members of the editorial team according to the following criteria:

  1. The content should be based on simple narration and the language should be clear and simple, through short sentences and visualize the situation as it is and not as the journalist imagines it.
  2. The content should be based on real events, real characters, and authentic sources.
  3. The content should be based on, at least two sources; one source is not acceptable.
  4. The title and content of the story should not contain any emotional or provocative language.
  5. The content should be based on a rational way and far from defamation.
  6. Any testimony or narration from the third person is not acceptable to write a story.
  7. Any Fictional story or reproduce any event based on personal narration is not acceptable.

Find more information here.

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