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Global Health Security Fund

Organisation: European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Democracy and good governance
  • Health and covid-reporting

Funding Size: $7,500 USD

Deadline: 05/11/2021

  • Eligibility:
    – Freelance or permanently employed individual journalists (staff journalists), or small teams of journalists with experience in reporting on the topic of health, science, development and/or policy.
    – No citizenship, nationality or residence/ location restriction on the applicants.
    – Have a track record of publication in respected media outlets in one or more of the eligible countries.
    – Freelance applicants should be signed up to a press regulator, trust initiative, or part of a press association.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway & Sweden
  • Application language: English

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) has launched the Global Health Security Fund to support up to 20 journalistic projects, being delivered by individuals or teams of freelance and/or staff journalists, on the topic of ‘global health security. The 2021 Global Health Security Call is a project that will deliver grant funding and facilitate research opportunities to support in-depth journalistic analysis on the topic of global health security.


To incentivise and enable impactful journalistic coverage of the topic, in order to create sustained relationships between freelance journalists and media organisations, and engage the public, key stakeholders and decision makers about the topic.


To inspire all opinion-forming media organisations in Europe to report on big health and policy challenges and solutions, and demonstrate the importance of journalism as a trusted, evidence-based means of communicating.

See here to learn more and apply.


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