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Funding Media Project of the Vienna Media Initiative

Organisation: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Media support

Funding Size: €10,000 - €100,000

Deadline: 30/04/2024

  • Eligibility Criteria
    – The Vienna Media Initiative media project funding supports existing small, medium-sized and large media companies in Vienna as well as media companies in the process of being founded (foundation possible up to six months after the funding decision).
  • Type of Funding: Programmatic
  • Target Region: Austria
  • Application Language: Deutsch, English

Do you want to implement a high-quality, new media project in Vienna? With the media project funding from the Vienna Media Initiative, they support existing media companies and media companies in the process of being founded.

With the media project funding from the Vienna Media Initiative, they support you in developing new media offerings in Vienna. You can have costs for education and training, training and consulting, internal personnel costs and travel costs subsidised.

What is funded?

The Vienna Media Initiative’s media project funding supports internal personnel costs, training measures and further education as well as consulting costs and travel costs. Your project should be an innovation on the market or for your company. Funding from the Vienna Business Agency supports company projects and not the costs of ongoing operations. Calculate the costs for your project as accurately as possible.

Funding Information

With the media project funding from the Vienna Media Initiative, you can receive a maximum of 100,000 euros per project. Before submitting, find out about the funding details from your personal funding advisor.

  • Minimum project size: €10,000
  • Bonus: Women’s bonus: €5,000, The women’s bonus is awarded if your project is verifiably managed by a qualified woman.
  • Maximum project duration: 2 years

See here to learn more and apply.

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