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Fostering European Media Talents and Skills – Creative Media Europe

Organisation: European Commission

Status: Closed

  • Grant

Funding Size: €8,000,000 to €9,600,000

Deadline: 26/08/2021

  • Eligibility:
    – be legal entities (public or private bodies)
    – be established in one of the eligible countries listed below
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: EU Member States, EEA countries, and countries associated with the Creative Europe Programme
  • Application language: English

The European Commission is calling for proposals to foster talents and skills of the audiovisual sector professionals, strengthen the capacity of audiovisual professionals to adapt to new creative processes and new business models with a view to maximise and fully exploit the opportunities of digital innovation across the value chain. Initiatives will aim at reinforcing the capacity to fully exploit the creative and commercial potential of the digital transition in all formats and for all platforms.

Themes and priorities

Within the specific objective of promoting innovation, competitiveness, scalability, cooperation, innovation, and sustainability, including through mobility in the European audiovisual sector. One of the priorities of the media strand is to nurture talents, competence and skills and to stimulate cross-border cooperation, digital transformation and innovation in the creation and production of European audiovisual works, encouraging collaboration across Member States. The media strand shall provide support for training and mentoring activities to enhance the capacity of audiovisual professionals to adapt to new creative processes, market developments, and embrace digital transformation that affect the whole value chain.

  • Improve the capacity of the audiovisual sector to operate transnationally and internationally;
  • Structure effect on European companies, including testing new business models and enhancing the capacity to access finance;
  • Accompany the digital transition of the audiovisual sector and its ability to apply digital and new technologies;
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and know-how, notably via the support of mentoring initiatives.

See here to learn more and apply.

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