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Digital Connections Program 2023

Organisation: U.S. Department of State

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Democracy and good governance
  • Freedom of expression

Funding Size: $2,575,000

Deadline: 30/05/2023

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    U.S. public and private academic and cultural institutions, exchange of persons, and other not-for-profit organizations meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 USC 501(c)(3) may submit applications for this competition. Applicants must have nonprofit status with the IRS at the time of application.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries:  Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Western Hemisphere
  • Application language: English

The Digital Connections Program builds on a belief that protecting fundamental freedoms requires networks of likeminded partners, working across borders, to ensure that internet freedom, free expression, and democratic governance is accessible to all people.

The FY 2023 Digital Connections supports international exchanges, network development, and global activities, virtual and in-person, that harness the expertise of international and regional networks of academics, business leaders, digital entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, researchers, and other communication professionals.

Through the development of four to six “on-demand” or rapid response projects, including at least one U.S.-based exchange, Digital Connections programming will provide opportunities to crowdsource solutions to countering disinformation; learn new techniques, skills, and models for working in the digital and media landscape; share resources, products, and research within Digital Connection networks; and build coalitions and partnerships that amplify democratic messages, build societal resistance to disinformation and hate speech, and strengthen relationships with independent media, civil society and communication professionals, and other credible voices in direct support of democracy values and universal freedoms.

As a global initiative designed to foster networks and address new and emerging threats to healthy resilient information ecosystems, Digital Connections strives to:

  1. Increase availability and access to public diplomacy resources related to emerging foreign policy priority issues;
  2. Facilitate knowledge and expertise across borders, thematic areas, and generational divides to counter and build societal resilience to disinformation and online hate and harassment;
  3. Expand skills and resources needed by a diverse group of multi-disciplinary professionals and civic leaders, both in the United States and around the world, to develop whole-of-society solutions to address complex global challenges;
  4. Strengthen participant’s ability to use digital tools and products responsibly in support of democratic values and human freedoms;
  5. Cultivate professional ties and sustained linkages with U.S. citizens and American institutions in ways that expand and strengthen the ability of the people of the United States and other countries to support free media and democratic principles and governance through the responsible use of digital tools and products; and,
  6. Develop, connect, and harness the power of global networks to support, democratic
    values and human freedoms.

See here to learn more and apply.

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