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Call for Proposals: Watchdog Reporting for Positive Changes (Georgia)

Organisation: European Foundation

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Investigative journalism

Funding Size: GEL 85,000

Deadline: 11/12/2023

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    – Proposals must come from media outlets or civil society organizations legally registered in Georgia. It is mandatory to show real partnership between a civil society organization and a media outlet or a group of journalists.
    – Civil servants, members of the current parliament, staff of the public broadcaster, and/or leaders and members of political parties cannot participate in a grant project as a grant remunerated participant.
    – Interested applicant can submit one proposal within a call.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Georgia
  • Application language: Georgian or English

The Europe Foundation is pleased to announce a call for proposals that aim at shining a light on systemic corruption or at exposing poor governance in Georgia through fact-finding, reporting, and advocacy activities geared toward bringing violations to the forefront and effecting changes that will improve the lives of Georgian citizens.

The projects awarded under this grant scheme should establish CSO-media partnerships to investigate issues of common interest to citizens of Georgia and to implement evidence-based advocacy campaigns that aim at addressing the identified issues.

In addition to grant support, Europe Foundation offers an unprecedented mentorship opportunity from experienced US-based investigative journalists and professors, who will work directly with the grantees to flash out ideas for investigations, to teach them new techniques, and to support them in developing feasible action plans for carrying out the work. Successful grantees will have a chance to be considered for additional support to take their work to the bi-annual Global Shining Light Award competition run by the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN).

Goal and Objectives

The goal of the grant competition is to support the watchdog function of the Georgian media and to promote civic monitoring and advocacy efforts in various spheres of life, through fostering cooperation between media outlets and CSOs, so that together they contribute to more transparent and accountable governance in Georgia.

The primary objectives of the call are as follows:

  • To support Georgian journalists and media outlets in their watchdog reporting efforts that will shine light on systemic corruption or expose uncomfortable truths about various aspects of governance in Georgia.
  • To support partnerships between investigative reporters and CSOs that will ensure follow up on the conducted investigations, in order to arm Georgian citizens with information and to effect real changes for families and communities across Georgia.

Focus Areas

  • Political: Government dealings/engagements, issues of political or judicial corruption, channeling of public funds, misuse of power, etc.
  • Economic: Corporate activities, business links, labor rights violations, consumer rights violations, etc.
  • Social: Healthcare sector, provision of public services or social assistance, etc.
  • Environmental/ecological: looking at the linkages between environmental problems, economic development, and governance failures.

Funding Information and Duration

  • Maximum grant award for each proposal is GEL 85,000.
  • The minimum duration of the project is 12 month and maximum duration 18 months.

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