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Call for Proposals on Women, Peace, and Security projects in Iraq

Organisation: UN Women

Status: Closed

  • Grant
  • Gender equality in media

Funding Size: $130,000- $150,000

Deadline: 04/05/2023

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    UN Women is soliciting proposals from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Women’s organizations or entities are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target country: Iraq
  • Application language: English

UN Women is currently implementing a project titled “Advancing the Implementation of the Second Iraq National Plan (NAP) on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security” and is looking to partner with a local NGO to strengthen the capacities of the Iraqi government and CSO’s in advocacy, awareness raising, documentation, communication and ensure their active and effective engagement in the implementation of INAP II.

The overall goal of the project is to foster the implementation of Women, Peace and Security commitments through national, local and community-level action.

This proposal aims at sensitizing media actors and enhancing their skills in gender-sensitive communication focusing on the impact of conflict on women and the role women play in a post-conflict and peacebuilding setting.

The project will also strengthen the government and civil society’s capacity in advocacy, awareness raising, documentation, and communication to ensure their active and effective engagement in the implementation of INAP II. This includes implementing awareness-raising and sensitization campaigns in partnership with governmental (including the Communication and Media Commission (CMC) and the Iraqi Media Network (IMN)) and non-governmental actors at national and local levels.

Proposals should suggest interventions to achieve all of the below activities taking into consideration that overall coordination and cooperation with the Communication and Media Commission (CMC) and the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) is required during implementation.

Outcome: Government and civil society actors create an enabling environment for the effective implementation of the INAP II.

Output: General public have increased awareness of WPS and INAP II through the active engagement of the media and CSOs.


  • Activity 1.1: Sensitize media actors on the impact of the conflict of women and the role of women in relief, recovery, reconstruction and peacebuilding and build their knowledge and skills on gender-sensitive communication.
    • Target: 70% of targeted media actors report increased knowledge of the impact of conflict on women
  • Activity 1.2: Support government counterparts including CMC and IMN as well as civil society organizations on advocacy, awareness raising, documentation and communication.
    • Target: Develop and publish at least 30 communication materials with dissemination to targeted audience
  • Activity 1.3: Carry out advocacy and awareness-raising activities and campaigns in partnership with governmental, non-governmental and civil society actors at national and local levels
    • Target: Organise and conduct 15 awareness-raising and advocacy initiatives across Iraq on INAP II.
  • Activity 2.1: Coordinate with relevant governmental and non-governmental entities including media and ministries in the implementation of the INAP II communications plan (Partner is expected to support in implementing some of the activities in the comms plan and not the entire plan).
  • Activity 2.2: Organise and carry out joint activities and events in partnership and coordination with UN Women for women’s day events including and not limited to International Women’s Day (IWD), UNSCR1325 anniversary and 16 Days of Activism.

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