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Call for Proposals for Jfj 2021 Investigative Grant Programme

Status: Open

  • Grant

Funding Size: N/A

Deadline: Ongoing

  • Eligibility:
    • Investigative journalists, both professional and non-professional (bloggers, social activists), media organizations, editorial offices, and NGOs, both in wartime and peacetime.
    • The broad topic of our grants is investigation into violent crimes against journalists, freelancers and bloggers committed in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Central African Republic, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, UK and Vietnam.
  • Funding amount: $10,000 to $100,000
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Global
  • Application languages: English, Russian

The Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ) has announced a call for proposals for its 2021 Investigative Grant Programme.

  • An investigation into the following crimes against journalists committed in 2020-2021:
    • State orchestrated abuse and harassment of journalists inciting them to suicide (ex. Irina Slavina, Russia);
    • Physical violence against journalists covering civil protests in the former Soviet countries (ex: Belarus: protests against elections results; Russia: protests in support of Alexei Navalny; Kyrgyzstan: civil unrest surrounding presidential elections, etc.);
    • Gender as a target: violent attacks on female media workers (ex. Tajikistan, Northern Caucasus, and Afghanistan);
    • Murders of investigative journalists looking into cases of local corruption, misuse of public funds and activities of organized crime (ex. Julio Valdivia Rodriquez and Victor Fernando Alvarez Chavez in Mexico;  Rakesh “Nirbhik” Singh and Isravel Moses cases in India);
    • Hiding behind the masks: police brutality against journalists during the BLM protests, anti-lockdown demonstrations, and other civil unrest in the USA and Europe.
  • An investigation into the following issues involving violent crimes against journalists:
    • Violent crimes against journalists covering migration;
    • Abduction, kidnapping, prosecution and harassment campaigns against independent journalists and bloggers;
    • ‘Heavy hand’ of the security services: assassinations, beatings, arrests, harassment of media workers, including those in exile;
    • Neglected and forgotten: unsolved murders of journalists in South Sudan, Philippines, Somalia, Syria and Iraq;
    • Who is behind the deadly attacks on environmental journalists? (ex. South America and Africa).
  • An investigation into crimes against journalists in the following categories:
    • How to get away with murder: impunity for the death of journalists in the twenty-first century (ex. Turkey lack of investigation or state policy);
    • SLAPPed and scared in Africa and Asia: journalists vis-a-vis corporations;
    • Online harassment turned into the offline attacks – virtual threats or real danger to journalists (ex. deanon, doxxing, online harassment, deepfakes, etc.).



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