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Call for Nominations for Fetisov Journalism Awards

Organisation: Fetisov Charitable Foundation

Status: Closed

  • Awards and Prizes

Funding Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Deadline: 01/08/2021

  • Eligibility:
    1. Entries are open to professional journalists, i.e. representatives of the media, professional journalism organizations (unions/associations/societies) and freelance journalists.
    2. Self-nominations are allowed.
    3. Maximum of journalists from one journalism organisation/media platform can be nominated for participation in the contest.
    4. The submission form may be filled out by a representative of a registered organization/media platform nominating another journalist or by a nominee. Information must be provided in English.
    5. One entry (one reporting or a series of reportings) from one person is accepted.The word restriction for the submitted publications is 20,000 words. Films, videos and audio recordings as separate pieces of work are not accepted for the contest.
  • Funding amount: $10,000 to $100,000
  • Type of funding: Awards and Prizes
  • Target countries: Global
  • Application languages: English

The Fetisov Charitable Foundation has launched a call for nominations for the Fetisov Journalism Awards to promote universal human values such as honesty, justice, courage and nobility through the example of outstanding journalists from all over the world as their dedicated service and commitment contribute to changing the world for the better.


  • Outstanding Contribution to Peace: Journalism contributes to peace and conflict resolution by giving voice to peacemakers and highlighting non-violent solutions to social conflict and the struggle for agency or power in society. Entries may focus on a range of questions – arms reduction and disarmament; community discord; ending of national and international conflicts; the work of national and international peacekeepers and community support organisations.
  • Contribution to Civil Rights: The defence of human rights and civil freedoms is a key indicator of journalism as a public good. Entries in this category will reflect respect for individual freedoms, diversity, the rights of minorities and inclusive dialogues in society.
  • Outstanding Investigative Reporting: Investigative reporting holds power to account and is the bedrock of public interest journalism. Entries in this category may focus on the detailed examination of injustice, corruption and wrongdoing in public life or may provide revealing insights into important data and information that is hidden from public view.
  • Excellence in Environmental Journalism: Entries in this category will raise public awareness of the climate emergency and the global environmental crisis. The reporting may examine the impact of change on communities as traditional habitats and ways of living are changed beyond recognition.

Find out more and apply here.

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