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Call for Applications for Journalism Fund – Belgium

Status: Open

  • Grant

Funding Size: N/A

Deadline: Ongoing

  • Eligibility:
    • Applicants must be accredited journalists, professionals or trainees – with Belgian press card – but they can also develop collective projects. By partnering with other content producers: journalists, photographers, illustrators, etc. As long as they participate directly in the production of journalistic work. So, not the creator of a website or a developer.
    • This opens up prospects for salaried journalists for whom it is difficult to ask for fees. On the other hand, in a long-term project, these employees can join forces with an independent to build, together, a solid project. Optionally, by making it multimedia or trans media.
    • Support from the Journalism Fund is available:
      • professional journalists (from the general press or specialized periodicals), independent or salaried. With official Belgian press card (SPF Interior).
      • recognized trainee journalists , with AJP press card.
      • collective projects, with at least one accredited journalist. A collective can be made up of a cameraman, a designer or a photographer… who support the accredited journalist. Only the latter can return a project to the Fund, but he or she can apply for funding for the group. In this case, you must check the “collective project” box in the online registration form.
  • Funding amount: Up to € 50,000 (for each project)
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target countries: Belgium
  • Application languages: English, French

Applications are now open for the Journalism Fund to provide financial support for investigation, investigation, and major reporting in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

The Journalism Fund supports investigation, investigation and major reporting in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB). By providing financial assistance to journalists. It is managed by the Association of Professional Journalists (AJP), and funded by the FWB.

Since the end of 2009, the Journalism Fund has been working on the emergence of journalistic investigations, documented investigations and major reports that would be difficult to achieve without the assistance of the Fund. It also ensures that journalists are able to launch innovative and digital projects, in collaboration with existing French-speaking Belgian media or by creating new media.

The Fund is at the service of journalists, but it is also in permanent contact with those responsible for the news media in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It also forges special partnerships with other organizations in Belgium, such as the King Baudouin Foundation or the Pascal Decroos Fund, always with a view to promoting the funding of quality journalistic content. The Funds is also a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network , the international platform supporting investigative journalism.

Learn more and apply here

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