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23 February 2021

The Voluntary National Review (VNR) is a country’s progress report on the implementation of the SDGs to its peers and to other global stakeholders. The VNR provides a good opportunity to reflect on the status of the SDGs and can also be an effective tool to maintain focus on the SDGs and accelerate their implementation. It allows stakeholders to bring attention to important issues and call for government action to address them. When a multitude of diverse actors are involved in the VNR processes – from consultation, to validation, presentation and follow-up – the status of the implementation of the SDG becomes more transparent, and there is better accountability to the people.

On 23 February, Democratising the VNR Process: Building resilience, accountability and voice post-COVID webinar will examine the more active, formal and collaborative involvement of parliament and their members, political groups, independent oversight bodies and civil society which are critical yet largely unrecognised and under-connected actors in the VNR process. It will explore how a more inclusive and transparent VNR process can catalyse and serve as a model for more open and accountable governance, and vice-versa, how existing openness and accountability initiatives can inform the VNR process.

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