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Uncertain future for media funding in Switzerland

Swiss community radios will be holding their breath until mid-February.

On 13 February 2022, the Swiss electorate will vote on the media package. What goes unnoticed in most articles and contributions is that UNIKOM community radios are also affected, along with all other private radio and TV stations.

In addition to the indirect press subsidy and the subsidy for online media, on 13 February, a decision will also be taken on whether the media licence fee for private radio and TV broadcasters will be increased. So far, 94% of the contribution goes to the public service media and 6% to private and community broadcasters such as Kanal K in Aarau, Radio Stadtfilter in Winterthur), RaBe in Bern, LoRa in Zurich and 3FACH in Lucerne. With a Yes vote next February, the share will be increased to 8%. If it is rejected, the share for the private and community broadcasters may even be reduced.

More information (in German) here.

Kanal K Radio is a member of CMFE.

Organisation: Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online


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